Developer .NET

Affekta is looking for a Microsoft .NET (5) developer with front-end and back-end experience.  We are using Blazor WASM technology to deliver C# on the client and an ASP.NET hosted API service connected to Azure cloud data storage and application services. 


Working with designing a new software system, software development with emphasis on web development and Artificial Intelligence machine learning models. 

The opportunity to be a part of a group of diversely talented individuals that are working on a solution that will affect the lives of many. 


We are looking for at least 2 years of professional programming experience and full-stack system design, and someone comfortable with taking part in the idea creation and development process with a variety of business partners and stake holders. 

Prospective candidates should demonstrate consistent work practices with an emphasis on following industry standard design patterns and scalable code, with self-starter initiative and the ability to work independently on tasks. 

Strong understanding of how to utilize best practices in MVVM design patterns. 

Designing software architecture and participation in an agile environment with emphasis on turning user stories into a rich eLearning experience. 

Other skills / experience: 

  • Experience in agile development and using Asana, SharePoint, or similar tools. 
  • Azure SQL Server cloud deployments utilizing Application Services 
  • Entity Framework using code and unit-test first principles. 
  • Experience with Docker containers. 
  • Interest and knowledge of artificial intelligence with emphasis on deep learning

You can apply by sending your CV to