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Artificial intelligence for everyone is a practical course where the basics of artificial intelligence are introduced. The course is tailored to the needs of those who want to learn about artificial intelligence without wanting to go deep into its mathematical premises and those who want to strengthen their competitive position in the labor market.

The aim of the course is to increase general knowledge of artificial intelligence and reduce fear of changing times. Artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily lives and it is necessary to know it. The fourth industrial revolution has begun and the emphasis will shift to greater specialization of employees and technical processing in the labor market. This development means that people in the labor market need to acquire knowledge of artificial intelligence, which will increase the competitiveness of parties within it. 

Artificial intelligence is widely used in the business world and could include production jobs, healthcare, fault diagnosis.

Course Description

The course is taught in Affekta’s teaching system and each participant can take it at the time they wish and at their own pace. The length of the course is approx. 3 hours. During the course, students become acquainted with the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, learn where and how artificial intelligence is applied in society and have the opportunity to solve a variety of tasks.


The course consists of six chapters that aim to educate students or deepen their knowledge of artificial intelligence and its social impact:


Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence applies to everyone. It affects the lives of all of us, in more ways than most people generally realize. In a changing society that is becoming increasingly automated and technological, it is therefore important to know what artificial intelligence is and to be aware of its possibilities and limitations.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is shrouded in mystery. The media, movies, books, TV shows and computer games often touch on the subject and tend to approach the subject so freely that the result is quite distant from reality. Their presentation of artificial intelligence often leads to people's belief in the properties and possibilities of artificial intelligence being very blown away and becoming much more than material.


Artificial Intelligence And Humans

Artificial intelligence is meant to mimic human behavior. In certain areas, artificial intelligence is superior to man. There is an exception though. Even the most complex artificial intelligence can not shake a small child in general intelligence. Artificial intelligence has no worldview. Her world is limited to the range in which she is trained to understand.


Utilization Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be found all around us. Streaming services, social media, weather forecasts, smartphones, pharmaceuticals, fish processing and news providers all have in common the use of artificial intelligence services. But what kind of artificial intelligence can be found there and what is it used for?


Related Terms

Some terms seem to be so intertwined with artificial intelligence, without being directly related to it, that it is unavoidable to mention them.


Artificial Intelligence Methods

There are several ways to work with artificial intelligence. These include methods such as neural networks and decision trees. Both of these methods use mechanical learning, primarily through supported learning.


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