Intelligence Assistance

We are using the AI technology to improve our learning system

We have designed a teaching system that uses artificial intelligence to understand the experience and needs of users with the aim of making the learning experience as positive as possible. Research indicates that students’ academic achievement can be improved by 20-40% with the help of artificial intelligence.

The learning system learns to understand the experience and needs of users – so it is possible to ensure that each user gets a personal experience and that learning objectives are achieved.

Our specialty is that we emphasize that the learning system is designed so that it is attractive and that the students’ experience is good, the user learns and is encouraged to continue with positive reinforcement. 

With diverse presentation and interactivity, the system helps users to focus and helps to achieve a positive mindset. We monitor how the study aims and tailor the study material to each individual’s needs.

We want the strengths of all users to be utilized in the best possible way and for the learning system to be encouraging and to have a positive effect on each other’s self-esteem and self-empowerment. 


We offer companies a web-based teaching system that manages all education and makes learning simple and accessible for staff. A key factor in the success of companies is human resources, so it is important to ensure that employees receive first-class training from the company and a positive experience of training that is tailored to each user.


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