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Affekta specializes in the development of teaching solutions that serve students and their needs by making education accessible and entertaining.

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AI Course

Affekta offers courses on artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence is everyone’s business. It touches the lives of all of us, in more ways than most people generally realize. In a changing society that becomes increasingly automated and technical, it is therefore important to know what artificial intelligence is and realize its potential and limitations.

Why us?

Artificial Intelligence Assistance

We have designed a teaching system that uses artificial intelligence to understand the experiences and needs of users with the aim of making learning experiences the most positive. Research suggests that student learning outcomes can be improved by 20- 40% with the help of artificial intelligence.

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e-Learning Platform

Affekta offers companies a web-teaching system that manages all education and makes learning simple and accessible to staff. A key part of business success is human resources, so it is important to make sure employees receive first-class education from the company and a positive experience of education tailored to each user.


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